Posted on Nov. 12, 2018, 10:48 a.m.

In 2019, the beer we've called MILF will henceforth be known as Materfamilias.

The craft brewing industry is not static and breweries are constantly evolving. This is a big reason that US craft continues to lead the world in the future of beer. Your Mother’s is no exception. Since 2011, we’ve changed the beers we offer, we’ve changed the packaging they come in and we’ve even changed the recipes for beloved favorites. One thing we have not changed is our core philosophy: we brew love.

That philosophy has led us to make another change. Our barrel-aged imperial stout MILF will be getting a new name. Starting with the 2019 release, this coveted beer will be known as Materfamilias. Why would we make such a drastic change to a brand that has been a consistent winner over the course of our seven years?

Materfamilias is Latin for 'female head of the house.'

The original name is based on the joke that likely needs no explanation. When we were a fledgling brewery, ‘MILF’ fit the irreverent stance we were introducing ourselves with. Over time, we’ve come to realize that what first seemed cheeky and funny no longer fits us or this beer. Nor does the name ‘MILF’ reflect the effort and devotion we put into making the liquid. This is our most time consuming and labor intensive beer. It’s the beer we choose as the fitting end to a perfect evening with friends and family. It is a beer that we will confidently put alongside any beer in the world. It deserves a name that reflects its pedigree.

Materfamilias is Latin for ‘female head of the house.’ No other beer we make commands as much attention and devotion as she. From the brewhouse to the barrels, your Mother’s remains at the service of this exquisite imperial stout. In the aging process, the beer’s interaction with the wood of bourbon, rye whiskey, rum, and brandy barrels dictates the composition of the final blend. Materfamilias cannot be rushed. It cannot be forced. It brooks no compromise. The result is a stout of such complexity and nuance that you, too, will recognize the authority of your Materfamilias.

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