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Sorry, lovers. We're CLOSED March 17 for renovations. See you on Tuesday!

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Take a peak behind the current with free brewery tours at 2, 3, and 4 pm!

Whether you feel like sipping or slamming, any one of our current tasting room provisions are sure to suit your mood.

So what'll it be, pardner?

Fruit Stripe

Ultra fruity, juicy double American IPA. Careful with this one, lovers.
10%% ABV

2019 Single Barrel Rum Materfamilias

Aged for 8 months in Rhum Agricole barrels from Rhum Clement in Martinique, this beer gains strong flavors and aromas of fermented sugar cane, herbal vanilla sweetness, burnt caramel, and a classic rhum agricole funk.
11%% ABV

Trop Top

Juicy passion fruit, aromas of guava, citrus hops, light malt sweetness, with a refreshing dryness. Drink in the sunset.
6%% ABV


Beautifully complex imperial stout blended out of beer aged in brandy, rum, bourbon, and rye whiskey barrels.
11%% ABV

White Noise

White IPA featuring Cashmere hops.
6%% ABV

Chugsuckle Brunch

Our New England IPA all gussied up with additions of strawberry, vanilla, and lactose sugar.
6.5%% ABV

Coconut Extra Stout

Sweet coconut flavor rides a wave of rich, roasted malt character.
7%% ABV

Nucleation Series - Episode 1

A bone dry brut IPA with righteous citrus hop zing. Crisp and refreshing.
7%% ABV

Fun Uncle

Everyone's got a Fun Uncle. The one who's down with any shenanigans. Our dry American lager is just as good to go with whatever the hell's on your agenda.
5%% ABV

Different Sibling

A classic midwestern wheat ale enlivened by a fruity orange zip!
5%% ABV

Winter Grind

Coffee in the nose, coffee in the flavor, coffee in the finish. If this isn't the most drinkable coffee stout you've ever tried, we'll hand you the deed to the brewery.
6% ABV

Rye Barrel Manhattan

Inspired by the classic cocktail, we aged our imperial Three Blind Mice in Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey and red wine barrels for a sophisticated sipper.
10.5% ABV

Hands Down

Hands Down our favorite American pale ale.
5.2% ABV

Nudie Suit

A robust American porter - rich and roasty.
5.5% ABV

Sunshine Chugsuckle

NE Coast IPA. Just a drop on the tongue to take a trip of riotous hop flavor and aroma.
6% ABV

Great Cobra Scare of '53

Ozarks Style Ale. Refreshing wheat with just a little bite on the back end.
4.8% ABV

Flip Cider

Off gluten? Just don't like beer? Then we'll catch you on the Flip Cider.
5.5% ABV

GB's Original Dry

Irish Dry Stout pushed on nitrogen for the creamiest pint of love this side of Dublin.
4.8% ABV


American Blonde. German inspired, but holding its chin high as an American original.
5.2% ABV

Lil' Helper

An immaculately balanced and drinkable American IPA.
7% ABV

Three Blind Mice

For our money, the most sessionable Brown Ale in bottles.
5.5% ABV

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