Sales Savant

You’d think beer as good as Mother’s sells itself, but this is a competitive industry, so it helps to have a real people person to share the love. Meet Ian Cody, sales rep for Mother’s. His love of art extends beyond craft brewing: give him a 01 Micron and he’ll illustrate his Ernst and Picasso-inspired fever dreams. In fact, he designed and drew every inch of ink on his copiously tattooed skin. He’s a road-tripper who prefers to turn off the maps app and let the journey determine the agenda. Other wheeled passions include skateboarding and biking. He loves music, with a particular penchant for indie acts like Pixies or Pavement. Not trying to start a fight, but he’ll tell you he’s more a Fender than Gibson man. Give him five the next time you see him making a call to your favorite watering hole.