Friday Flix in the Backyard: SPACEBALLS

8:30-10:30 p.m.
Mother's Backyard
Cinematic summer in your Mother’s Backyard continues with Mel Brooks’s sendup of an obscure 1977 space opera that is today remembered only by obscure academics and back-row-of-the-web obsessives.
‘Star Wars’ gets the quintessential Mel Brooks treatment: every frame of the movie stuffed with jokes, gags, yuks, and shtick.
High brow? Hardly. But if you don’t lol at least once, then maybe comedy just isn’t your bag.
Bring your camp chairs and blankets.
$6 admission supports Moxie Cinema, Springfield’s crown jewel of independent cinema.
Backyard Carnivore food truck on hand to feed the masses.
Movie starts at sundown, so plan accordingly.
Rated PG for generally sophomoric (and timelessly funny) innuendos.
Sorry, Kids
No brews for you.