Chug Chug Suckle Suckle Tap Room Release

Event Date: Oct. 22, 2019, 4 p.m.

This time we mean it, hop freaks. No, you're not seeing double. Just drinking double. We're stoked to be unleashing the juiciest, dreamily creamy, most riotously hoppy double New England IPA we've ever tasted. The inspiration began with our cult-favorite NEIPA, Sunshine Chugsuckle. From there, we gave free reign to the crew in the brew house to outdo themselves. A double IPA so delicious that you can literally smell and taste the tropical and citrus fruit hop aroma through the unopened can (not, like, literally literally). 

So let's take a trip, hopheads. Get down to the Tap Room and raise a pint with us. Pick up a four pack of 12oz cans so that you can share this nectar of the gods with other freaks hell bent on maximum hop flavor.