Mother's Freshee Series Beer Release: Chug Brunch, Pucker Punch, and Concrete Magic

Event Date: Jan. 23, 2021, 2 p.m.

Time for the next installment of our Freshee Series, a rotating line of Taproom exclusive beers conceived and executed to spotlight unrestrained flavor. These, friends, are beers that demand to be seized and enjoyed with immediate fervor. The journey from our brite tanks to your tongue must be the shortest route possible. Our Freshee beers would be ill served lingering on unrefrigerated shelves. With a ‘best by’ date a mere 28 days from canning, we aim to provide you with the craziest, juiciest, fruitiest, creamiest, zingiest, and most indulgent beers our brewers can dream up.

Three beautiful beers released on one bounteous day! 

Chug Brunch: Passion Fruition, our NE IPA with passion fruit, blood orange, and lactose. 

Pucker Punch: Gingerberry, a delightfully tart strawberry and ginger American gose. 

Concrete Magic: El Diablo, this stout is an unabashed chocolate and cherry dream. 

These three beers will be available and in four packs of 12oz cans. Pro tip: these beers sell out fast, so don't dally!