Barrel Aged S'More Power to You Release

Event Date: Oct. 26, 2019, 1 p.m.

The barrel aged version of our imperial pastry stout is a brewery exclusive release. So get your beer lovin' self down to the Tap Room to pick up your bottle of this extremely limited stout.

Start with the deep chocolate sweetness of our imperial oatmeal pastry stout, S'More Power to You. Then barrel age it in Willet Distillery bourbon, Old Fitzgerald wheated bourbon, and Old Forester 1910 barrels. The interplay between chocolate marshmallow sweetness and woody spiciness lends the beer a complexity worth savoring.

As per tradition with our brewery exclusive releases, we'll be hosting a bottle share at 11AM. Dig a rare bottle out of your vault and share the love with your fellow geeks.

Riad Gyro Cart will be out to get freaky with the tzatziki.

MeadowMaker brings a unique vision of guitar-based Forest Bathing Rock at 6PM.