Sunshine Chugsuckle Is Taking You on a New Trip

Posted on Nov. 5, 2018, 3 p.m.

Recipe tweaks mean refreshed obsession for hop freaks. — Dr. Featherweight, lupulin zonked mystic and madman

Craft beer is an industry that thrives on passion and creativity. The best breweries remain open to possibility, and the directions those possibilities can take them. At Mother’s, one opportunity that we’ve embraced is the potential for our New England IPA, Sunshine Chugsuckle, to become the perfect vehicle for the wicked array of flavor and aroma that different hop varieties can provide. 

Our first batch of Chugsuckle relied solely on late additions of massive amounts of Citra hops. The beer blew our minds: overwhelming waves of citrus and tropical fruit perfectly supported by a grain bill that provided a creamy mouthfeel. It was the perfect marriage of intense flavor and drinkability. We weren’t the only ones to notice. The beer became a runaway favorite. 

As we brewed more Chugsuckle we found ourselves running low on Citra hops. As new batches of Citra weren't delivering the same hop character the original lot was, we began to substitute with other varieties to maintain quality. Nothing shocking there: ingredients regularly vary in subtle ways from lot to lot. If they didn’t, you could put the brew house on autopilot and take a long lunch. Here’s where opportunity knocked, and gave us a chance to embrace some newer hop varieties that had been waiting for their chance to shine. It also has given us an opportunity to make the rotation of hop varieties, and the experimentation with newer varieties, a focal point of this beer.

Sunshine Chugsuckle will now have a revised hop bill every few months. Revisiting the recipe on a regular basis allows Mother’s to ensure the quality of ingredients in this technically demanding beer. It also allows us to experiment and explore. For the drinker, it’s an opportunity to enjoy both new or unfamiliar varieties of hops and experience different aspects of some old favorites. 

To be clear, this doesn’t mean a new beer every time. Chugsuckle retains its base recipe and audacious hop character with every iteration. It’s drinkability remains unparalleled. But now it delivers different nuances for hop lovers to obsess over. Chugsuckle will always be Chugsuckle: The brand stays the same. The label will show exactly which hops are in each new batch, with just a small change in color to the 4-pack to signal the revised hop bill for hopheads to investigate. 

The current incarnation of Sunshine Chugsuckle employs a hop bill of Apollo, Crystal, Citra and Centennial to provide the hop character the beer demands. We may have tweaked the recipe but we’re confident beer lovers will still opt to chug.

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