Soooo what's a freshee anyhow?

Posted on Oct. 1, 2020, 2:48 p.m.

Consider, for a moment, the different uses we put to language. It can be employed in both a utilitarian and aesthetic sense, depending on one’s purpose. Words are used in the most direct manner in an instruction manual for your new food processor or in a more poetic way, as in a Shakespearean sonnet. Beer, as well, possesses this duality. The 30-pack of mass produced domestic lager left unfinished from the barbecue will serve just fine in the cooler around the campfire months later. But that four-pack IPA from your favorite small brewery had better be enjoyed sooner rather than later. In the former case, the beer is there to serve a purpose: basic refreshment and perhaps a mild buzz; in the latter, the beer exists as an experience: a dazzling array of intermingling aromas and flavors. 

Freshee beers are a window into the sheer creative lunacy of our brewers, taking the American craft beer impulse for extreme flavor and running wild with it. Given our insistence on the freshness of these beers, they will be limited quantity releases available only in our Taproom. So keep your eyes peeled for release dates for beers in Mother’s new Freshee Series and make plans to hang with us and claim your own share of the extravagance. Get here, get your four-pack, and then get your friends together, because you’ve got something you want to share with them--and, no, it can’t wait--it’s Freshee, and time is of the essence. These are beers for now. This is Mother’s love in its wildest and most urgent manner. Day-glo poetry in a can. A sonnet to be sipped. Or slammed. Fresh and flavorful. And we can’t wait to share them with you. So don’t wait to enjoy them. Cheers.

Beer lovers have always prioritized freshness. Delicate hop character is the first thing to degrade with time. Dissolved oxygen in the liquid will eventually contribute stale off-flavors. Even so, any shelf stable six pack has a generous window of opportunity, say, 100 days in the case of a beer like Lil’ Helper. But there exist beers whose unique power depends on uncompromised freshness. Heady concoctions of ingredients whose magic brooks no hesitation. Keep these beers refrigerated. Enjoy them now, not next month. Beers brewed for embracing the present, not planning for the future. Some of the most beguiling, most flavorful and far out beers in the biz. The freshest of the freshest. 


In this spirit, your Mother’s is pleased as punch to introduce our Freshee Series, a rotating line of Taproom exclusive beers conceived and executed to spotlight unrestrained flavor. These, friends, are beers that demand to be seized and enjoyed with immediate fervor. The journey from our brite tanks to your tongue must be the shortest route possible. Our Freshee beers would be ill served lingering on unrefrigerated shelves. With a ‘best by’ date a mere 28 days from canning, we aim to provide you with the craziest, juiciest, fruitiest, creamiest, zingiest, and most indulgent beers our brewers can dream up. 

Mother’s Freshee Series comprises two distinct lines, with a new variation of each being released in the Taproom each month: Sunshine Chugsuckle: Chug Brunch, and Pucker Punch. Regular visitors to our Taproom will be familiar with Chug Brunch, a showcase for building on the juicy, tropical hop character of our New England IPA, Sunshine Chugsuckle. Our crew in the brew house takes turns dreaming up inventive and outrageous recipes for a beer that is as at home on Sunday morning as on Saturday night. The current iteration of Chug Brunch, Orange Gregorious, features orange juice, vanilla, and lactose sugar. Its bright citrus and fruit juiciness, creamy mouthfeel, and mild sweetness is like enjoying a classic creamsicle in a glass, with a fresh hop kick. 

Pucker Punch is a line of sweet, tart sensations with an unrestrained focus on flavor and fun. It all starts with a fairly standard kettle-soured golden ale. That’s when we go off the rails. We sought inspiration from the simpler days of our youth: the ice cold pitchers of garishly hued Kool-Aid beckoning from refrigerators in every house. Endless varieties of flavors in enough colors to make a rainbow consider retirement. Consider these beers the New American Shandy, an electric Kool-Aid acid test in a can. Pucker Punch takes the drinkability of a golden wheat ale, enlivened by lactic tartness of kettle souring, sweetened with apple juice concentrate and then switched on with a final, generous addition of that powered adolescent ambrosia. The current version of Pucker Punch, Pink Schragleberry, flaunts an audacious, proprietary blend of fruity flavors by Mother’s own Carouser in Chief, Jeff Schrag. The man may have permanently stained his fingertips ripping open the packets to determine the perfect formulation. His dedication will not go unappreciated. The riot of citrus and berry flavor dance perfectly with the balancing acidity of the base sour beer for a beer unlike any we’ve ever brewed. 

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