Mother's Gotta Brand New Bag

Posted on July 30, 2018, 4:57 p.m.

Brace yourself, Mother’s lovers, for a bold new look on your craft beer shelves. Mother’s Brewing Company is stoked to unveil our flashy new duds. You read that correctly: in the coming weeks you will start to see new packaging for our beers. We’re all gussied up and ready to strut our stuff with a fresh look.

Mother’s has always prided itself on its innovative spirit. We’ve never been content to rest on our laurels: constantly experimenting to bring you new flavors, striving to perfect our tried and true recipes, and always seeking to make new converts to the beautiful world of craft beer. This restless quest to be your favorite brewery doesn’t end in the brewhouse. Beer lovers know presentation counts, too. The perfect pour with the perfect head in the right glass. From the crystal clarity of Towhead to the deep garnet red tinged chestnut brown of Three Blind Mice, Mother’s beers are feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. The exacting standards we demand for our beers also apply to the labels and six packs.

The coolers and shelves of your favorite purveyor of fine craft beer are overflowing with choices. New brands from breweries far and wide appear seemingly every day. Our beer stands out in flavor so we’re making sure it stands out in the case stacks too. Even if you’ve been choosing Mother’s since day one, you’re going to stop and say, ‘Damn. Mother’s is looking sharp!’ We’re excited about our dynamic new visual presence and hope you are too.

Remember this: labels, colors, illustrations, and typefaces may change, but the core values at the heart of Mother’s never will. When you see that heart and banner you can always be confident you’re getting one hundred percent Mother’s. Our logo represents the very best beer this crew of hardworking, wisecracking, high-fiving, and bottoms-upping beer lovers can make. So when you see our new six packs, pick one up and watch heads turn as you make for the door. Because when you’re rolling with Mother’s you are looking and feeling as good as we do, baby. Cheers, lovers!  

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