Ready When You Are

Posted on Feb. 12, 2020, 9:53 a.m.

You’re primed. Pumped. Saddled up. Stoked. Chomping at the bit. All systems go. Wired. Waiting. On hand. On deck. Fixing to. Cued up. In place. All set. 

In a word, you’re Ready. 

When you’re ready to have a good time, so is your Mother’s, with Ready Hard Seltzer. Light as a breeze, bright as a ray of sunshine, sparkling like a diamond, refreshing as only a seltzer can be. Your go-to refresher when you need to get to it. The can to have at hand when you can’t stop. The glass to raise up with the beat drops. The seltzer for when you’re off the clock and it’s game on. Ready when you are. 

You know what hard seltzers are. You’ve drank a few. They were okay. But you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try one produced right here in the Ozarks. Supporting local never looked so cool. Independently brewed hard seltzer that’s made right here, in the heart of downtown Springfield by your very own Mother’s.

But you know what seltzers are not? Your typical craft beer. Ready Hard Seltzer is not brewed with the malted barley that is found in most beer. As such, Ready doesn’t contain any of the gluten found naturally in beer. And while sugar is a necessary ingredient in alcohol production, the yeast in fermentation consumes that sugar on your behalf. Which leaves zero residual sugar in Ready Seltzer. And only 100 calories per can. One measly carb. With a mild 5% alcohol content, Ready means the night doesn’t have to be ‘one and done.’ Bright, sparkling carbonation for the fizz. Natural fruit flavors for that burst of refreshing flavor. And of course, still Brewed With Love. 

Mother’s is introducing Ready Hard Seltzer with two amazing flavors: Blackberry Lemon and Cherry Limeade. Each one offers lush berry flavor with a complementary citrus zing. Perfect over ice on their own or as a mixer for a higher octane cocktail. 

So, whether you are ready to dance, ready to tailgate, ready to float, ready to say hello to someone making eyes at you across the bar, or ready to just take it easy, Ready Hard Seltzer is there for you.

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