We're in Kansas, Toto.

Posted on June 17, 2019, 4 p.m.

Greetings, Mother’s lovers. Your humble brewery is excited to announce the expansion of our distribution. Read on, Kansans, we’re sure you’ll find no discouraging words in this blog post. (Except maybe you, Scott.)

As we enlarge our Mother’s family of beer enthusiasts, it is worth noting that this move represents a part of our brewery’s journey coming full circle. Mother’s founder Jeff Schrag is a Kansas native, hailing from McPherson and graduating from K-State. We take a certain pride in this homecoming: Jeff bringing his vision for independent, regional beer back to the land of his roots. What could be better than the prodigal son returning with beer?

Craft beer lovers in Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, and Wyandotte Counties have long enjoyed the privilege of selecting Mother’s at their favorite stores and watering holes. But, damn, there is so much more of the Sunflower State out there. Mother’s has partnered with Crown Distributors, LLC. to quench the thirst of beer lovers in over thirty counties in central, north-central, and eastern Kansas. If you've recently been missing us in Lawrence, we're pleased as punch to be re-launching in your neck of the woods. Of course, we’re looking forward to making new friends in Manhattan, Salina, Topeka, and all y’all in between.  And we can't forget the craft beer lovers in McPherson.

To that point, we’re going to be showing up and showing out at a number of events in some of your communities. If you feel like hoisting a pint with some of our crew, dig this list. We’ll be delivering the love and palm-searing high fives in the following locations:

6/24 West Lawrence

  • Johnny”s West 5-7pm

  • Six mile 5-7pm

  • Old Chicago 7-9pm

  • J Wilson’s

6/25 Downtown Lawrence

  • Red Lyon 6-8pm

  • Burgerstand

  • Merchants

  • Jefferson’s DT

  • Limestone

  • Lucia

6/26 Topeka

  • Wheel Barrel Topeka 6- 8pm

6/27 Manhattan

  • Auntie Mae’s  6-8p

  • Union Station

  • JP’s

We’re pleased to be bringing our love of fun and craft beer to our neighbors in Kansas. Since 2011, we’ve brewed beer the only way we know how: with a Mother’s love. Sharing that love is our mission. The love that begins on the Springfield streets we walk between pubs is now a love you can share on your own streets. We believe in love. We brew love. In downtown Springfield. Now sharing it in Northeast Kansas. Cheers, lovers.

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