Can You Dig It? Because You Know That We (will soon) Can.

Posted on June 25, 2019, 4 p.m.

Craft beer continually looks forward in its exploration of style, flavor, and quality in beer. From Fritz Maytag’s revitalization of the California common beer in 1971 to the microbrewing revolution pioneered by New Albion, Sierra Nevada, and Boston Beer Company, the primogenitors of Mother’s Brewing Company have proven that American brewing is a visionary force in the future of an ancient art. We’re proud to maintain that legacy here in the midwest. And beer lovers in the heartland reap the rewards. 

But American ingenuity in beer isn’t limited to merely the liquid itself. In fact, one now-ubiquitous innovation lies not in the beer you drink, but in how you get it from the store to your glass. In 1935, New Jersey’s Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company began selling its Krueger’s Finest in steel cans. Aluminum began its ascendancy in 1959. Cans first outsold bottles in 1969. Fixed tabs replaced toe-threatening pop tops in 1975. And so things went, until the next earth shaking moment in beer can history: summer, 2019. Mother’s Brewing Company installs a canning line!

That’s right, lovers, in very short order you will be able to find some of your favorite Mother’s beers in 12 oz cans. We’re currently knee-deep in renovation of our packaging hall. We’re shifting over a couple of brite tanks to make room for an automated de-palletizer to moves both cans and bottles into our line. Re-routing the conveyors. Reconfiguring the rinser. All in all, a fair bit of toil and sweat. But worth it. 

With unparalleled finesse, Eric uses a forklift to hoist the de-palletizer into position.

Mother’s has offered limited seasonal or one-off cans for years now. We’re stoked to be making these changes to be able to offer you year round can options. This represents a serious step forward in our commitment to sharing the love we brew in the most convenient format available. Lighter, more convenient to store, more light and air resistant, recyclable, and welcome in locations where glass bottles simple aren’t, aluminum cans and craft beer are a match made in heaven. And we’re pleased as punch to be making this expansion in our portfolio. 

A pallet of blank cans awaits fulfillment. Soon to be labeled, filled, and enjoyed.

We’ll be kicking off our can launch with a couple of our most popular beers, Lil’ Helper IPA and Step Dude American lager. Both supreme sippers that will be right at home in your canoe or around the campfire. As we master our new capacity, we’ll be rolling out further options, so stay tuned to find out when your favorite makes its way into the new format. 

Follow our progress on social media or take a peek at the work happening while visiting the tap room. As we get closer to completion of this monumental project, we’ll be announcing release dates so you can be among the first to take home your Mother’s love in 12 oz 6-packs. This is an exhilarating development in our humble brewery’s journey and we’re glad to have all our lovers along for the ride. Can you dig it? Because you know that we can! Cheers. 

Artist's rendition of the Lil' Helper can you will soon find on shelves everywhere!

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