Introducing: Mother's Drone Delivery!

Posted on April 1, 2021, 6 a.m.



If there’s one thing 2020 did to all of us, it introduced us to the couch a little more. We’re home A LOT, and now that we’re home, we really don’t want to leave. Well, have no fear, your Mother’s is here! 

We’re all about convenience and we fully support your right to be connected to your couch. In fact, we’re so pro couch that we’ve decided to bring the liquid gold to you. No pants required. Actually, no shirt, no shoes, no nothin’ required. 

We’re a small crew of 24 and delivering the liquid gold ourselves just isn’t feasible. So, we’ve done the next best thing - Drone Delivery! That’s right. You can now order a 6 pack of your favorite brew, have it flown onto your doorstep and straight to your fridge. So, whether you’re craving our flagship IPA, Lil’ Helper, some refreshing Ready Hard Seltzer, or looking for an exclusive barrel-aged bomber, we’ve got you covered! 


Mother’s Drone Delivery is in action, starting today! 
So, if you’re ready for a fresh batch at your doorstep, order here!

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