The Mission Behind Flyover Festival

Posted on Feb. 19, 2019, 11 a.m.

As the date for our inaugural Flyover Beer Festival draws near, your Mother’s wanted to take a moment to give beer lovers some perspective on what this festival means for us. Naturally, it’s primarily about beer. Celebrating our love of craft's myriad styles. Raising a glass to the unique takes on tradition and reinventing those traditions in craft brewing. But it is also about culture: a chance to gather with some of the breweries around the midwest that share our commitment to quality and innovation. And it’s also about community. The profits from Flyover Festival are designated for charity. This festival is chance for us to highlight the way in which both brewers and beer lovers give back to their communities.

Mother’s has chosen to donate the profits from the first Flyover Fest to the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild. Founded in 2012, the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and promoting craft beer in the Show Me State. With a board of directors made up of craft brewing professionals with decades of combined experience, the Guild represents breweries of all sizes and in several regions of the state. In 2018, the Guild hired its first executive director to organize and grow membership with the vision of becoming the unified voice of our industry in Missouri.

If you are a beer lover, you no doubt see the positive effects your local brewery, no matter what their size, has on your community. The Guild exists to raise awareness of and promote independent beer, as well as creating avenues for networking and collaboration among Missouri breweries. When the brewing community grows stronger in whole, so does your favorite brewery. That also involves proactivity at the legislative level. In 2019, the Guild is tracking state legislature and advocating against changes in the liquor laws which could negatively impact the craft brewing industry. The Guild also supports legislation at the federal level that will enable breweries to continue investing in their businesses, creating jobs, and honing their craft of brewing the beer we all love to drink. Learn about the Guild.

That is why we’ve chosen to donate all the profits from the 2019 Flyover Fest to the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild. A strong independent brewing industry means strong cultures and communities across the midwest. Mother’s is honored to invest in the future of our industry. And we express our gratitude to those whose Flyover ticket purchases are helping us in this cause. See you under the Flyover tent on March 9, lovers.

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