Cabin Fever No More

Posted on June 25, 2020, 2 p.m.

Who hasn’t been driven, in these trying times, to blow a big, fat raspberry at cabin fever? But we take our comfort where we can: a socially distanced walk through the neighborhood reveals a new bird song, gaining the ability to recognize a mask-hidden smile by the crinkle around the eyes, catching random snippets of conversation from the safely-spaced table next to yours, or as is frequently the case with your Mother’s, in a perfect pint of beer. 

Which is why we’re stoked for you to crush our new barrel aged sour raspberry saison, Zerbert. 

Light, crisp and with a naturally fruity sweetness, Zerbert is a celebration of summer. The kind of beer that has you walking six feet off the ground as well as six feet apart. Reveling in such sensuous pleasures may once have been derided as hedonism, but these days, we assert that it constitutes self care. ;)


But there’s another level of beauty to Zerbert. Permit us to geek out a bit? As our first mixed culture, barrel aged sour, this beer represents Mother’s exploration of a new brewing process. Which is to say, a centuries old brewing tradition new to our cellar. Zerbert begins as a straight forward homage to a classic Belgian farmhouse beer: a light malt bill of pale 2-row and wheat fermented on a Wallonian farmhouse yeast strain. Now things get interesting. The beer now goes into wine barrels for a long, mixed culture fermentation of brettanomyces yeast and lactic acid bacteria. These microscopic friends, enjoying a low-oxygen and ambient temperature environment, engage in a leisurely anaerobic second fermentation that provides mild phenolic qualities and refreshing tartness. Fifteen months in barrels renders the acidity and complexity that only this process can deliver. But now for the final twist! A final conditioning with fresh raspberry purée, vanilla and wine yeast to layer in a lively raspberry fruitiness. The beer that ends up gracing your tongue is a lively, layered, and refreshing table saison with an ABV of around 4% for summer sessions on the front porch. 

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But you don’t have to give a fig about the decarboxylation of hydroxycinnamic acids to produce 4-vinylphenol and 4-vinylguaiacol phenols tov appreciate Zerbert’s considerable summertime appeal. The first drink will seal the deal. We’ll rank this as one of the most crushable and invigorating beers we’ve brewed. So kick up your heels, either on the greenway trail or the sidewalks of your neighborhood. And when you’ve returned to that space where the smiles don’t have to be hidden behind a mask, join us in making a little noise and blowing a raspberry at cabin fever. Celebrate the simple pleasures of summer with Zerbert and your Mother’s. Cheers.

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