When smooth and swanky is the goal, you slip into your Velvet Suit. All the robust, roasty character of our American porter, Nudie Suit, comes through with the classic creamy mouthfeel that nitro beers are known for. Velvet Suit highlights the deep dark chocolate and coffee notes from dark malts in the grain bill. And it pours with the captivating cascading effect and rich foam that nitro beer drinkers demand.

PROFILE: Easy drinking and dark cocoa-forward. The complex roast flavors are nicely balanced by a creamy mouthfeel and malt sweetness from the chocolate, munich, and crystal malts. 

Shepard's Pie, Mutton Stew, Muenster cheese, Vanilla Ice Cream

5.5 ABV
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Velvet Suit

In the heart of the midwest