Perhaps you thought we had hit the limit of coffee aroma and flavor in a stout? Think again. Never content to rest on our laurels, your Mother’s is upping the ante. It starts with a robust and subtly sweet imperial stout. In the fermentation tanks, we add freshly roasted and ground espresso blend beans. But we’re not done yet. Cold-brewed coffee, blended just prior to bottling, means a beer that delivers a slap to the senses. 

PROFILE: Black roasted malts and coffee, creamy mouthfeel with a dry roasty finish

Grilled NY Strip, Bacon and Eggs, Duck Egg Ice Cream, Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

10.5 ABV

Imperial Grind uses two and a half pounds of coffee per barrel, unlike its cousin Winter Grind, which only has one and a half pounds per barrel. Both blends are made from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Brazilian beans that were lovingly roasted at Mudhouse Coffee. 

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You can find your

Imperial Grind

In the heart of the midwest