Packaging Hunk Randy Plunk

A round of applause for packaging hunk Randy Plunk. He's in a unique position here, being the only employee to have actually worked at the bakery that once occupied our facility. Randy's watched this place go from a production facility using grain, yeast, and water to a production facility using . . . grain, yeast, and water. Mother's turned him on to craft beer with our Bourbon Barrel Imperial Three Blind Mice but working here has broadened his palate, forcing hard choices, like Chugsuckle Brunch or Brut IPA. And when the day's bottling is done, he'll come out to play, sharing that he's seen 1979's 'The Warriors' probably 30 times, is a die hard Vols fan, and that the best concert he's ever seen was the Eagles reunion tour in St. Louis. CAAN YOOU DIIIG IIIIT?!