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Marketing Coordinator

Let's get something straight right away: Alaina loves dogs. Obsessed with them, by her own admission. Her first word was 'puppy.' She's the proud partner of three perfect pooches. A born and bred Springfieldian, Alaina's on board to bring the message of Springfield's love factory to the world. With degrees in marketing and graphic design, she's got the skills. She's got the passion. When the passion for craft beer goes too far, Alaina is a connoisseur of the next-day Bloody Mary. She'll fix you up one to fix you right up. Which we're counting on for post-festival days. Her 0R6A2 gene is set to MAXIMUM CILANTRO, so please don't hand her a taco without it. And when not hyping Mother's love, Alaina's regularly sacrificing sleep for Netflix binging. So let's raise a pint of Winter Grind to her!