Sales Manager

This is John Anthony, or Just John, our Sales Manager. They say you can take the man out of Arkansas, but you can't take the Arkansas out of the man. Well, we can't have either. Born in the southern jewel of Little Rock, he chooses to remain in his Natural State and tend to all of Mother's southern neighbors. 

He grew up next to the world's largest hill on a cattle farm in Oklahoma, the same state as his first job in beer at Belle Point Beverages. After 15 years, he found Arkansas Craft Distributors, LLC, our current distributor in Arkansas, and became General Manager of the NWA branch.

Finally, he found his TRUE home at Mother's with the "most badass bunch of coworkers on the planet selling the most kickass beer on the planet."

He has a wife and kids living with him in their Rogers home, where he watches baseball and drinks Lil' Helper.