Brew Dude

Our newest member of the brew crew is Chris Courtney. Earning his bread as a young man on a dairy farm, Chris comes by a rigorous work ethic naturally. Which comes in handy in this industry. Fortunately for him, Mother’s rarely requires being up and at it by 4 AM. But how you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm when there’s a whole world out there? Chris has a taste for globetrotting, having been to over twenty countries, even having climbed Mt. Kenya during his travels. His brewing odyssey began about four years ago, honing his skills on a 10 barrel system. He’s looking forward to furthering his craft in our 30 barrel brew house. You’ll find Chris relishing the outdoors in his downtime, camping and hiking. One last thing: quit spamming him, Dollar Shave Club. This beard is always on!