Bay Leaf

Power Pourer

Mother's has its share of culinary wizards, but Aimee is the boulangier. From the flakiest crusts to the baddest-ass brioche. But when Aimee is not kicking it in the kitchen, she is pouring and throwing back beers, including some her own unique creations her in our Taproom. Seriously, where else have you seen boba balls in a fruited gose? She’s got a keen love for hiking, powerlifting (feel free to challenge her deadlift, if you dare), and chilling with her cat. Having lived all over the US, Aimee loves Springfield the most, just after Kaneohe, Hawaii. And when the taps are flowing and you get the urge to make some noise, she'll bring the punk rock and have you pogoing before you know it. Oi!