Wild Turkey Wednesday

  • Cherry Picker Package x Fare 601 South Pickwick Avenue Springfield, MO, 65802 United States

Oh yes, lovers, your dreams have come true. We're teaming up with our friends at Cherry Picker Package x Fare for #WildTurkeyWednesday.

For those of us who are dreading the holidays, for those of us who have no where else to go, even for those looking for a good place to celebrate with friends, let's all fill our hearts and our cups with warmth, laughter, and one night of unforgettable fun & potential blackmail material for years to come.

Get wild with shots of Wild Turkey, a GHOST PEPPER TEQUILA MILF cask, Bourbon Barrel Imperial Three Blind Mice bottles, Tart Peach & English Tea Pale Ale cans, and Loopty Loop, So Fresh So Green, and Mr. Pumpkin occupying the taps.